About me

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My name is Magdalena Jelonkiewicz-Bałdys. I am a Gestalt therapist in Radom. I have been studying Gestalt psychoteraphy at Integral Institute of Gestalt Psychotherapy in Cracow since 2017.

I am passionate about people and their stories. That moment in therapy always moves me: when my client begins to look at himself / herself from a new caring perspective. This is where he or she finds the answers to the questions: “who am I?”, “how come I react in this manner?”, “what has created my personality?”

Those discoveries are a straight path to start treating oneself with genuine kindness and care, which – in turns – leads to living a life according to one’s values.

Looking inside oneself is not easy and can be painful. My clients appreciate me for being open and attentive. They say it is easy to talk to me about difficult aspects of their lives.

Being authentic, here and now with my client is vital for me in the counselling process. I put all my efforts to assist my clients’ transformation process.

I work both face to face and online.


My career path:

2001 English Philology at University of Poznan
2002PR Academy in Dublin
2008School of Practical Philosophy in Dublin
2011School of Professional Coaching in Cracow
2012Business Trainers Course at Pracownia Psychologiczna Elzbiety Soltys in Cracow
2014„Politics and Consciousness in the Changing World. New Solutions: From History to the Future” – Worldwork Training (45 godz.)
2015Foundation of “Spotykalnia Rozwojowa” – an initiative supporting psychological education of women in Radom
2017Gestalt Counselling Program at Integral Institute of Gestalt Psychoteraphy
2018still Gestalt Psychotherapy at Integral Institute of Gestalt Psychoteraphy
2019Professional Practice at Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw (250 hours)
2020still studying Psychology at Higher School of Economics in Radom

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