First consultation

First consultation


First consultation lasts 60 minutes. You do not have to prepare yourself in any special way or form prior to your first consultation. It is up to me to ensure that you have all the time you need and the safe environment to talk about what has recently happened in your life that you decided to reach out for help.

There are usually one up to three preliminary consultations prior the commencement of the psychotherapeutic process. Consultations serve both the client and the therapist in the following way:


  • You can check how you feel in my company
  • You can talk through your problem from many angles
  • You can ponder about the aim of your possible therapeutic process (which can later evolve)
  • You will find out what Gestalt therapy is all about
  • You can ask any question you need
  • You can check whether it is the right moment to start bringing changes to your life
  • You will find out about terms and conditions of our cooperation


  • I need to check what form of help will be most suitable to you – psychotherapy, short term counselling, coaching, communication training or a personal development workshop
  • I need to explain to you how I work and what the terms and conditions of our cooperation would be (like contact between the sessions, frequency of meetings, payments, cancellation of sessions, etc.)

Cost: 120 PLN / 60 MIN


If you are interested – do give me a call at +48 722 039 721 or skype me

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Magdalena Jelonkiewicz-Bałdys