Gestalt’s Decalogue

Gestalt’s Decalogue

Gestalt Psychotherapy is based on a humanistic philosophy. If you follow Gestalt’s ground rules, you have a chance of living a happy and fulfilled life.

This is the Decalogue of Gestalt:

  1. Live NOW – pay more attention to the present moment than the past or the future.
  2. Live HERE – look after things that are present now instead of those that are not.
  3. STOP IMAGINIG – experience anything that is real
  4. STOP OVERTHINKING – observe and taste instead
  5. EXPRESS YOURSELF – don’t manipulate, don’t explain, don’t judge.
  6. ACCEPT UNPLEASANTNESS AND PAIN as much as you allow yourself experience pleasure.
    Do not restrict your consciousness.
  7. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY ”SHOULDs” except the ones where you are the author
  8. TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, feelings and thoughts
  9. GIVE IN TO WHO YOU ARE. Stop pretending somebody else.
  10. BE YOURSELF and let others be themselves.

Being a Gestalt psychotherapist I deeply believe that everybody has a potential to lead a happy and fulfilled life. First, you need to really see how you function in the world and find the answers to the questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • How do you build your relationships?
  • Is there anything that you do to yourself which makes you experience your life as more difficult than it really is?  
  • Is there a need to update your coping mechanism?

Through the therapeutic process you will learn to observe your own thoughts, feelings and reactions. I will be encouraging you to take full responsibility for yourself and the choices you make.

During our sessions we will focuse mainly on the present moment. If we decide to travel back in time, we will touch upon your past experiences to see how they sculpted your personality. We will wonder whether your usual coping mechanisms still serve you well. Perhaps your habitual reactions in stressful situations are causing you more harm than bring help and relief? If that’s the case, we will search for new types of behaviour that would help you maintain open, sincere and caring relationships with other people.

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Looking forward to getting to know you!

Magdalena Jelonkiewicz-Bałdys