Goals of Gestalt Psychotherapy

Goals of Gestalt Psychotherapy


As a Gestalt psychotherapist I deeply believe that everybody has a potential to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Sometimes you need the help of the other person to see all the beauty inside of you.


In short, Gestalt Psychotherapy can help you with:

integrating your personality – meaning finding out who you really are, accepting everything that is really you: all  your beauty, strengths and weaknesses  

– taking responsivity for your decisions

– teaching you new ways of reaction in difficult situtations

– understanding and naming your emotions

changing your habits to those supporting you in achieving your goals

– taking control over your thought patterns

– finding out what your key convictions and values are

– noticing all the baggage you’ve been carrying from your family home and leaving anything that no longer serves your well-being

– teaching you straightforward, non-violent communication

– teaching you how to be authentic

– setting and respecting one’s boundaries

making friends with oneself

– developing a caring and loving attitude to oneself.

– finding your purpose and meaning in life


If this sounds like something you’d like to reach out for – sign in for your first consultation. It is the first step on your journey to your true self.


Author: Magdalena Jelonkiewicz-Bałdys