areas of help

If you are considering getting psychological help it is a sign for me that you are experiencing some tough moments in your life. If somebody or something is hurting you or you’re feeling like you’re in a trap – I am ready to see in what way I can be of help. The first step is to sign up for the consultation.  


What is a consultation?


Consultation is a one to one meeting during which you can talk your situation through with me. I will be asking you supporting questions that will help you organise your thoughts. I will be checking what feelings the situation you’re in have evoked in you. In result, you will establish what your biggest challenge is at the moment. Next, we’ll agree on the scope and form of help I can offer. Are you in need of a short-term counselling or a long-term psychotherapy? Perhaps you need some communication training?  Or a few coaching sessions focusing on solving a problem?

The first consultation does not oblige you to start counselling process with me. It is a time for you to assess how comfortable you feel in my company and for me to check whether I am able to help you.

Consultations can be conducted face to face or online.

Cost: 120 PLN / 60 min


What is psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is a process of getting to know, accepting and loving oneself. It is a path of self-discovery: what are my thought patterns and convictions? Do they serve me well? Or do they  cause me harm and stop me for doing what I long for? What are my values? How do I react in difficult situations? What are my needs? How do I want my life to look like? Finding answers to those questions gives you a solid ground to build and live your life the way you want.  

As a psychotherapist – I listen attentively to what you have to say. I ask questions and check whether I understand you correctly. I do not give you any pieces of advice or tips. Instead, I encourage you to look inside yourself and have the courage to find the answers in your heart.  

We meet on a weekly basis. The cost of one session is 110 PLN / 50 min.


Is psychotherapy for me?


Psychotherapy is for anyone who:

  • Has been feeling overwhelmed recently
  • Has tried to solve their problems on their own yet with no desired results
  • Has problems with keeping healthy boundaries
  • Has recently suffered a loss of a beloved person
  • Is experiencing various types of professional crises: a loss of a job, being at a career changing point or suffering a professional burnout
  • Is experiencing relationship problems
  • Has suffered a trauma
  • Suffers from mood swings or depression
  • Feels no satisfaction in his/her personal life
  • Suffers low self-esteem and lack of acceptance of oneself
  • Is at various turning points in life: divorce, break-up, death of a relative or somebody close, losing ones’s job
  • Experiences difficulties relating to infertility
  • Experiences long-term stress, anxiety or fear
  • Experiences problems with controlling one’s anger
  • Experiences inability to talk truthfully about your emotions and needs
  • Feels lonely and would like to talk


You are all welcome.